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Colony Reeves, Tampa Luxury Real Estate Concierge

Updated: May 17, 2021


Colony Reeves Luxury Real Estate Concierge

Colony Reeves Luxury Real Estate Concierge. Colony is a Tampa, Florida native who redefines the home buying, selling, and investment experience.

As a hardworking woman and entrepreneur in the fast-paced industry of realty, Confident Closers jumped at the opportunity to bring Colony’s passion, expertise and workmanship to light through targeted full-scope branding and storytelling.

As an elite branding company with vision and purpose, Confident Closers really wanted to highlight Colony’s many strengths, not just pertaining to her experience and profession, but specifically who she works with and what her satisfied clients are saying about her. We feel that this is what matters most!

Website Design

We chose complimentary colors and layouts that reflect both Colony’s personality and what her brand stands for. We have also applied this branded color scheme to complete her website branding. The website layout was created specifically to be easy-to-navigate, easy-to-use and with a straight-to-the-point menu.

The interactive website features playback video features and storytelling through multimedia - making it not only contemporary, but easy on the eyes too.

A website is crucial for a business, not only as a holding place for you to present all of your company information, but also as a marketing tool ideal for search engine results, new business leads and continued growth.

Logo Branding

A logo is the face of your brand, plain and simple. Your logo must speak a thousand words, represent what your brand does, and convey the company brand all through a single image.

Logo design and branding is a unique process for each and every client. Some clients may have ideas on what they would like to see in their logo while other clients may just leave it entirely up to the Confident Closers professionals to bring their logo to life.

It is one of the most powerful marketing tools and most used pieces of imagery within your branding design. How many company brands do you recognize just from their logo alone? A lot of them.

Social Media Design

Social media is not just for fun. Social media is a vital part of business today and for the years ahead. It’s the perfect balance of showcasing what you’ve been doing, or what you have planned for the future, while also selling your concept/product/brand to your current followers/fans while simultaneously attracting new ones. The key to growth is through engagement, targeted high quality content, proper use of branded imagery, and strategic social media marketing.

Confident Closers has implemented several tested methods into Colony Reeves Luxury Real Estate Concierge social media platforms successfully, giving her brand a great opportunity to shine.

Company Stationery Branding (Thank You Notes, Business Cards, etc.)

Company collateral/stationery, such as business cards, Thank-You notes, letter headings, etc., is key to offline marketing and networking for any company, big or small. And it shows clients & consumers that you are well-branded, that you have a vision, and that you intend to make a great first impression and provide a quality experience, product or service.

The collateral branding of Colony Reeves is a just small snapshot into the bigger picture of her Real Estate Concierge company, which is reflective through the most vital aspects, logo, style, contact information for maximum networking and growth.

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Alex Miranda
Alex Miranda
Mar 31, 2021

LOVE THIS! Great work Anamaria! 👏👏👏

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